What is the difference between Account, Profile and Membership?


Everyone who wants to book an event, needs an ACCOUNT. Accounts are free and only available to Atos employees. Your account holds the basic information to log in to Funology: your DAS-id, email address and password. Your PROFILE holds more detailed information: your first and last name, your city, country, phone number and organization unit. We need this account to know you are an Atos employee. Only Atos employees can sign up for events.

Creating an account is easy: follow this link. Current AtosPV members: read #Members Atos Personeelsvereniging

the user page


Temporarily, the membership is only applicable for The Netherlands. We are investigating if this also can be implemented in Belgium.

Besides an account, Dutch employees can get a MEMBERSHIP. Members of the Atos Staff Association Funology (formerly known as AtosPV, Atos Personeelsvereniging) get through their membership discounts on registration for activities. Members also have access to special offers or to be earlier informed about activities with limited enrollment. The membership fee is € 2,00 per month and is deducted from your salary. Retired Atos employees can join or remain member. Payment of the membership fee is done by transfer to our bank account.

To request a membership visit Request membership (only available after log on). On the Membership page press "Save Registration".

Members Personeelsvereniging

All current members of AtosPV automaticly have an account, profile and membership on this site. The first time they want to register to an event they need to log on and choose the 3th tab: Request new password. They get a reset-password mail in their Atos mailbox.