How do I change my email address and profile information?

E-mails from this site are sent to the email address in your profile. You can change your emailaddress and other personal information on the profile page.

After logging in you see your profile or you can access it directly: This url will redirect you to the logon-page if you're not logged in, otherwise you will see your profile.

profile view example

On top of your profile you see 2 tabs: View and Edit. After clicking Edit you're able to change your personal information. You can change your emailaddress, password, time zone, first- and last name, city, country, phone number and/or unit. You have to provide your password and click Save at the bottom.

If you have forgotten your password you can request a new password through link "Request new password" beneath "Current password". Reset instructions will be send to your old password. Problems or questions? Please send an e-mail to


Profile edit example