Welcome to the website of FUNology. On this website, you can find information about the activities that will be organized for and by Atos employees. These activities can be an evening with colleagues, sports, cultural, family and several social activities,… Events organized by FUNology are open to all Atos employees in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Explore all the activities by clicking Events>>You can choose which of them you like, and just register yourself!

Do you have ideas for a fun activity and/or wish to be actively involved in the organization of an event please contact us via BlueKiwi.

More information about FUNology:
BlueKiwi space FUNology BNL : click here
Contact: funology@atos.net

FUNology is part of the Atos staff association (the Atos Personeelsvereniging Nederland).

IMPORTANT: To subscribe for events, you need an account on this website and log in. Beside an account, employees from The Netherlands can become member. (Read more)

Wij zijn dringend op zoek naar 2 NIEUWE BESTUURSLEDEN en collega's die de organisatie van evenementen willen verzorgen. Met name roepen we collega's uit Noord en Zuid op om te reageren.

Belangstelling of meer weten? Stuur een mail aan funology@atos.net

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